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A powerful cooking hood above the hob not only eliminates all cooking smells in your kitchen, it also makes a stunning focal point. Hoods like the ones in our Neue Kollektion, use advanced technology to dispel odours and filter the air, guaranteeing a fresh and odour-free kitchen.

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Stunning Design

Not only are our cooker hoods highly efficiently, they look beautiful at the same time. The hoods combine glass and stainless steel in the most precise way for maximum impact and to blend in perfectly with the rest of our built-in appliances. For example, the Street cooker hood from our Neue Kollektion is stunning and has been designed to blend into the most sophisticated kitchen.

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The size of hood you choose should correlate with the size of the hob you use and the size of your kitchen. The hood can be larger or the same size as the hob, but never smaller. Neue Kollektion hoods have been designed to perfectly match the rest of our built-in appliances.

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Cooker hoods can be set to either an extraction or recirculation mode. Extraction is the most efficient option but some kitchens don’t allow for it due to a lack of space. If this is the case then the hoods can normally be set to recirculation mode.

Extraction Mode
Extraction uses ducting to transfer cooking vapours to the outside world through an external wall.

Recirculation Mode
Where extraction mode isn’t practical, some hoods can draw in cooking vapours through the charcoal filter and then recirculate the cleaned air back into the kitchen Long-life charcoal filters can be washed in the dishwasher, dried in the oven and reused.

Grease Filters
Filters attract grease from cooking vapours, reducing odours and purifying the air. Dishwasher-safe and never need replacing.

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Sound & Airflow

Quality noise reduction in a hood depends on various things, from motor power to the material used. Look for a cooker hood that uses innovative technology to reduce noise, like the ones in our Neue Kollektion. Our cooker hoods have been developed with the new MaxiFlow system. It uses 3-phase motors to get rid of odours with quiet efficiency, while exceptional power is always available when needed.

To maintain consistent airflow in your hood, the length and type of piping used is very important. Every time there’s a curve of 90° or a reduction of diameter in the exhaust pipe, a loss of pressure occurs. That means you’re not getting the extraction rate you need for the hood to function properly, even at maximum power. For the best results, make sure duct connection pipes follow straight lines where possible and avoid bends and angles.

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