A versatile oven that circulates hot air evenly
to produce perfectly cooked meals every time.

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Achieve precise results

Preparing a delicious meal can be a truly joyful and creative experience. And the ideal oven should work with you to achieve perfection in the kitchen, ensuring each dish is cooked in the most precise and accurate way. Our MaxiKlasse™ Oven from the Neue Kollektion is designed to get beautiful results: all you have to do is place the food in the oven, set the time and temperature and press start. MaxiKlasse™ creates perfection throughout.

Big is beautiful

Our MaxiKlasse™ Oven has an extra large 74 litre capacity, providing you with 30% more oven space than standard models.It also offers five shelf positions - perfect for cooking different kinds of food at once or for large quantities. And it has a larger door, making it easier to check the contents at a glance.





A taste of perfection

MaxiKlasse™ ovens make the most of new technology to create mouth-watering meals. The ThermiC° Air System gently distributes heat throughout the oven so food cooks evenly, guaranteeing perfect results at all levels. There’s also the core temperature sensor, which helps you reach perfection by measuring the precise cooking temperature deep inside the food. Perfect if you’re cooking a prime cut of meat or poultry.


Finishing touches

The MaxiKlasse™ has a SoftMotionTM door, which means it always closes silently in a smooth, elegant movement. MaxiKlasse™ also has an IsoFront® Top Door with heat-reflective coating. This technology leaves the outside of the oven door cool enough to touch safely (no hotter than 20°C above standard room temperature).

Flexible features

Our OptiFlex™ rack system makes your oven more versatile. It’s an internal rack system that means you can easily change and reconfigure your oven to accommodate different sized dishes and pans. You can move the racks to a height that’s right for whatever you happen to be cooking or create four main levels for optimum results.

Self-cleaning means less work


The MaxiKlasse™ has Pyroluxe®Plus cleaning, meaning the oven will actually clean itself for you at the press of a button. This function heats the oven at a high temperature, turning all leftover food into ash. This can then be wiped out with a damp cloth, so you won’t need to get your hands dirty.

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