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AEG PerfektFit™ Fridge-Freezers  

Fit perfectly into your kitchen and your lifestyle.

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Space to explore

Professional chefs love cooking in spacious open-plan kitchen-diners with the freshest ingredients to hand. Such large spaces demand freestanding appliances with smart innovations and a premium look to match. And that’s exactly what our side-by-side PerfektFit™ Fridge-Freezers provide.

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Control of your cooling

PerfektFit™ is a suite of modules that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle, combining advanced fridge and freezer functions, as well as a dedicated wine cellar for storing wine at the optimum temperature. Whatever your ideal PerfektFit™ combination, it will integrate perfectly into your kitchen with a professional stainless-steel finish with smudge-free anti-fingerprint protection.


Timeless Elegance

The latest American-style side-by-side fridge-freezers are perfect for showcase spaces. But finding one that fits into your kitchen can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve designed the PerfektFit™: unlike other American-style fridge-freezers, it has a 60cm depth that aligns perfectly with standard European kitchen furniture, providing sleek lines and flowing openness. Our PerfektFit™ Fridge-freezer is a design icon, having already won major awards including a Red Dot Design Award and an IF Product Design Award.



Perfect quality

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For food to stay at the peak of freshness, conditions must be exactly right. The LongFresh storage drawers can be set individually to create conditions ideal for their contents. Meat and fish can be kept at 0°C with low humidity, while fresh fruit and vegetables can be kept at high humidity. So food will stay fresh for up to three times longer than a standard fridge, and all the nutrients will be retained.

Innovative freezing

With the AEG NoFrost freezer, humidity is constantly extracted, so there’s no build up of frost. This means large food portions can be placed inside the freezer after cooking. And you never have to spend time defrosting, freeing up more time to achieve perfection in the kitchen.

Premium wine cooler

Balancing mouth-watering food with the right wine can greatly enhance your meal. Our PerfektFit™ wine cooler uses the latest technology to create and maintain the perfect temperatures – 6°C to 16°C – for storing and serving red, white and rosé wine. With space for up to 39 bottles, it’s ideal for wine connoisseurs.

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